About Us

Who are we?

We are a technical non-governmental organization concerned over the conservation of biodiversity. Over the past fifteen years, Care Earth stands as an organization serving in a non-discriminatory manner.

What is our mission?

Through the means of research, advocacy, and capacity building, we seek to accomplish the following objectives:

  • To provide scientific services in the area of biodiversity
  • To assess human impact on the environment
  • To strategize methods of improving the environment
  • To implement training and capacity building initiatives in the area of biodiversity conservation
  • To develop and share resource based material in the area of biodiversity conservation
  • To facilitate the care and support of sick, stray and abandoned animals

Who are our Trustees?

  1. Member – Empowered Panel of the National Wildlife Board, Government of India
  2. Member – Environment sub-group, State Human Rights Commission, Government of Tamilnadu
  3. Member of the Working Group on Mapping Ecologically Sensitive, Significant, and Salient Areas of Western Ghats, for the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India
  4. Invited member – Western Ghats Expert Ecology Panel, set up by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India
  5. Member of the Working Group: Forests and Livelihoods, Planning Commission of India
  6. Member of the Tiger Conservation Authority, Tamil Nadu Forest Department, Government of Tamil Nadu
  7. Member of the CAMPA, Tamil Nadu Forest Department and Working Group on Forests and Environment, Government of Tamil Nadu
  8. Member of the Conservation Authority for Pallikaranai Marsh, Government of Tamil Nadu
  9. Member of the Working Group on Forests, State Planning Commission, Government of Tamil Nadu
  10. Member, Tamil Nadu State Wildlife Advisory Board, Government of Tamil Nadu
  11. Member, Kerala State Wildlife Advisory Board, Government of Kerala.
  12. Member,  Asian Elephant Specialist Group, IUCN/SSC
  13. Member, Project Elephant Steering Committee, Government of India
  14. Member, State Wildlife Advisory Board, Government of Chattisgarh
  15. Member, Elephant Task Force, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India
  16. Member, Committee for studying the Human Wildlife Conflict related issues in Kerala, Government of Kerala
  17. Member – Approval Committee of Tiger Conservation Plan for Tiger Reserves of South India, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India.
  18. Consultant to the National Biodiversity Authority, Government of India to revise the National Biodiversity Action Plan of India for submission to the Conference of Parties (CPO11) held at Hyderabad, 2012.
  19. Consultant to the National Biodiversity Authority, Government of India to revise the National Targets for submission to the Conference of Parties  (COP12)

What has our engagement been with the judiciary?

As an organization, Care Earth, served as the expert member on two High Level Committees by the Honorable High Court of Madras. This engagement was to oversee the restoration of major wetlands of Tamil Nadu: Adyar Creek and Pallikaranai Marsh.

What is our infrastructure like?

Care Earth operates from a full service administrative office in Chennai with state of the art facilities for research and development. At Wallajahbad, Kancheepuram district, you’ll find extended facilities such as a farm of 24 acres for palms and cycads. There is also a rehabilitation centre for animals at Iyyenchari, Kanchipuram district.

7 Responses to About Us

  1. Hi , I am an architect from chennai. I just graduated from college. I am interested to be a part of your organisation .
    Please let me know if this can be done.
    I am ready to work full time as an intern as stated in your website.
    Please revert back to my email as above.
    Thank you !

  2. All the bests for your organisation. I am proud of your organisatio for having received the Indira Gandhi Paryavaran Puraskar for your commendable sacrifice to this mother land.

    This is sairam from MoEF&CC’s Finance Division now. I am from a village near Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu. I joined this Ministry in the year 1985 with the aim of becoming a civil servant. I was posted in the EE Division of this Minstry and Central Government decided to institute an award in 1986 in the name of former Prime Minister of India Mrs. Indira Gandhi immediately after her assasination. By the time the Award was instituted, I last my chance. However, now I am pround of instituting the IGPP.

  3. Dear Member- Care Earth Trust, Seeing the pictures and write up on inundation at chennai – this monsoon days- an innovation comes to mind. The roads duly flooded can well be turned into water- ways.. having shallow- low drafted boats.. cruising and providing urban transportation. After all water- navigation is very energy efficient.. Well wishes from Ajit Seshadri, HOD- BE Marine Engg., School of Maritime Studies, Vels University, Chennai 603103.

  4. Dear ms.shree, I read your article in vikatan. I always felt the same. Most uncaring and not taking steps keeping future of our own children are the reason for all sufferings.
    Let us give a safe place to future mankind


  5. Would like to speak to you regarding involving our school children of senior classes in community service projects.

    Rukmani Shree dharan
    Vice principal
    The PSBB Millennium school

  6. palikarani wetlands from government encrohment -stop the plan of Building RTO office 7 he.in palikaranai natural water tant during rainy seasons.
    Injambakkam and Shollinganallur , Palliakarani are blessed with abundance of rich natural resources, perennial wterwasys like buchingham canal Marsh lands and wetlands extend upto the village of pallikaranai, provide abundant, underground water supply besides being the abode of many birds and rich in fish culture. The Marsh land and other conencted areas are spread over omore than 61.60 cres. These lands and Buckingham canal Marsh lands are compised in Surevey No 707 as per Tamil nadu Archive, Chennai The Central Govt categorised these marshlands as belt area. These marsh and wetlands are wter sving bodies and if thse Marsh lands are allowed to be encoached,Flora and Funa which protests the environment, would perish and the entire Marsh lands would disappear.TN FGovt  announced in the assembly that it wrould protect Pallikarani Marsh lands at a cost of Rs 15.75 crs during the year 2011-2016 The pallikarani Marsh lands extend upto Sholinganallur and Buckngham canal. These Marsh and wertlands is a natural storage of fresh rain water. In a year more than 5 months these areas are flooded with rain water. It helped for havesting rainwater , stored execees rain water in land level and stoped  the draining of  entirewater into sea thorugh Backinham canal. It also preventing the invading of seawater and thus protect the lands and borewell of entire middle East Chennai Costal areas. During the 1950’s the Pallikaranai marsh wetland which covered more than 900 he of land now shrinked to less than 300 he lands due to development of Chennai City. We can construct the buliding at any place but we cannot build wetlands at any where,We should protect these types of wetlands and marsh lands as a natural gift and to maintain it as it is. The first ocupant of this marsh/wetland of Palliakarani is Tamilnadu Hospital during 1980’s. The others are Indian Ocenograpic Institute and so many other software companies etc. During 1980’s the entire  area which starts from old Mahabalipuram to the Tambaram  GST Road/ Electric Train route, Pallvaram  are lowlevel area of wetlands and waterfiled area. Now entire areas are developed as Greater Chennai on both sides form Thambaram to Pallikarani and from Rajive Gandhi Road to Vellacheery Medvaakkam Road. The  only remaining area are from Pallikarani to Ijanbakkam which consists of less than 200 he lands. Now the Tamilnadi govt alloted 7 he of  pallikarani Marsh/wetland area to Contrcut Regional Transport Office. and for other purposes. This was challanged by one Scial worker Mr. I.H. Sekar  before National Green tribunal southern zone, Chennai, by filing aplicatio no 145 of 2015 (SZ). Even through the hon tribunal had observed the fact (that the Survey no 707 in which RTO office is proposed,) and stated that the aplicant is at liberty to apper and make representation before the Tamil Nadu State Wetlands Regularoty Authroity and the said authority shall decide whether all the protection available fo the notified welands, is to be extended to these lands or not duly keeping in mind the order of Hon’Ble Supreme Court in Re M.K. Balakrishnan and other Vs unionoof INdia and others (WP Civil No 230 of 2001 by order dated 8th Feb 2017 and Information Brochure ” National Wetland Inventory and Assement as per Princioples of Rule 4 of the wetlands ( Conservation and Magt0 rules 2010. But failed to give remedy to the petitioner and ordered that  it cannot restrict the Transpor depat for construction of  RTO office in the abve mentioned disputed land without getting the opinion of  Tamilnadu wetlands regularoty authority as said earlier. By this there is no alternative availbale for the petitioner and social worker Mr. I,H, Sekar to appeal before the Hon Supreme Court. For that he requires nearly more than Rs two lahs towards lawyer fee f Rs  onelakh and filing and trasport fee. etc.As a poor fisherman the petitioner who is not having any source to file the appeal before SC. Hence through this message as an social activist Advocate ,now I appeal before you on behalf of the petittioner to provide finance  and legal help to proceed the case further and to protect the naturual gift of Marsh/wetlands of pallikarani which is the only source of ground water for entire middle east and south east madras. Al ready we are suffering acute/ heavy water scarcity in Chennai. If we failed to protect these lands  within a year or two we entire people will leave/discarded from the Chennai city for scarcity of water. My email address; kvsreenivasan13@gmail.com, phone no 91 9442228217. Hence please back me  through finance other means to win over the above case and protect the pallikaranai marsh/wetland and prevent water scarcity in future for Chennai. 
    Yours sincerely
    Dr. K.V. Sreenivasan . Constitutional Research and Reforms Advocate- Chennai . Authered the book ” Appointment and Removal of Judges- Indian Context. 2) Empowerment of Women in Indian Judiciary, 3. NEET WE NEED?  and…. so … 

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