Evaluation and Monitoring

Title: Evaluation of Tamil Nadu Afforestation Project- II
Duration: 2014-15
Funding Agency: Evaluation and Applied Research Department, Government of Tamil Nadu

Overview: Aiming to have a terminal evaluation of Tamil Nadu Afforestation Project implemented by Tamil Nadu Forest Department, the study assessed the impact in 80 locations across the state. The evaluation also observed the means by which activities initiated ultimately sustained. Results of this study showed that the implementation structure of TAP II was not iterative. There wasn’t an availability of experts at the field level and the program hadn’t been documented well. However, the project did succeed in improving the green cover and water holding capacity over large areas, such as the Western and Southern districts of the State. Plantations helped in the regeneration of native flora, and evolved to become refugia for the local fauna. Most importantly, this project formed a number of vibrant self-help groups of women, many of who are still actively involved after the project’s duration.

Title: Assessing the distribution and abundance of the Blackbuck, Chital and Bonnet Macaque on the IIT Madras Campus
Duration: 2014
Funding Agency: IIT (Madras)

Overview: The study attempted to provide an up-to-date assessment of Chital and Bonnet Macaque and their population size, spatial distribution and structure as their presence had frequently led to conflicts and accidents. The data obtained was useful for conservation planning.

Title: A study on Non-Timber Forest Produce originating from diverse sources ranging from large plant to micro-flora and consisting of heterogeneous products. NTFP in focus: Tamarind, Gallnut, Indian Gooseberry, Honey and Phoenix sp.
Duration: 2014-16 (Ongoing)
Funding Agency: State Forest Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Forest Department

Overview: The overview of this project was to quantify data on Non-Timber Forest Produce across selected villages in Tamil Nadu. Encompassing all aspects such as the village profile, landscape profile, and locale of the NTFP collection, the survey would ultimately help in understanding the type of forests and vegetation located nearby. Focus group discussions were also held, helping to understand each and every village better. Outcomes resulted in the preference of NTFP produce among the gatherers, livelihood, and its market dynamics.

Title: Rendering Professional Inputs and Highly Technical Work in Preparation / Submission and Getting Pallikaranai Marsh Land Declared as Ramsar Site
Duration: 2015 -2016
Funding Agency: Tamil Nadu Forest Department

Overview: The scope of this project deals with preparation/submission and getting PML declared as a Ramsar Site. This would be achieved by rendering professional inputs and conducting highly technical work in the preparation and submission aspects of the application.