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Our research includes some of our ongoing activities and engagements with the Tamil Nadu Forest Department. Initiatives include providing support on Wetland Conservation and Invasive Alien Species.

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1) Title: Deciphering Land Use Land Cover Change in the Western Districts of Tamil Nadu
Duration: 2013-15
Funding Agency: Tamil Nadu State Land Use Research Board (TNSLURB), State Planning Commission, Government of Tamil Nadu

Overview: With a special emphasis on urbanization, landscape fragmentation, isolation, and the socio-ecological consequences of the land use and land cover change, we aimed at studying the trends and patterns of land use and land cover change. In this study, we focused on the Western districts of Tamil Nadu- Erode and Coimbatore. These areas had large tracts of forested land with moderately dense vegetation. Trends in the LU/LC study showed that there had been a huge decrease in forest areas and emergence of new land use category. On the other hand, there had been an increase in crop lands peaking in 1970-1980.

2) Title: Deciphering Land Use Land Cover Changes in (i) Kancheepuram, (ii) Nagapattinam and (iii) Tirunelveli districts of Tamil Nadu
Duration: 2014-15 (Ongoing)
Funding Agency: Tamil Nadu State Land Use Research Board (TNSLURB), State Planning Commission, Government of Tamil Nadu

Overview: Based on the previous study, we studied the distal drivers of land use and land cover change at sites such as Kancheepuram, Nagapattinam, and Tirunelveli. The Tirunelveli district represents the plains of Southern Western Ghats; the Kancheepuram district represents a mixed habitat of peri-urban/agrarian nature; finally, the Nagapattinam district represents the East Coast and a Ramsar site/Wildlife Sanctuary

3) Title: Linking Scales: Mainstreaming the Conservation Agenda in the Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu
Duration: 2013-15
Funding Agency: Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF)

Overview: In this project, we aimed to mainstream conservation goals across different sectors and levels of public administration in Tamil Nadu. The larger objective of this project was to create dialogue and integration of different departments and stakeholders. In this way, we could achieve dissemination of information and engagement for the conservation of the Western Ghats.

The result of this project led to varying perspectives of departments. These perspectives can now be outlined into existing policy guidelines, plans, and programs of each and every department. The most significant accomplishment is the support provided to the Department of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives to draft the Special Area Development Programme for the Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu. An annual outlay of 75 crores has been discussed. Through this project, we also managed to achieve the support of the National Biodiversity Action Plan at the state level.

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    I am interested in visiting the place to view the blackbucks. Could you please give me directions as to how to get to the place?

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