Environmental Education,Training and Capacity Building

We are happy to announce that we would be launching our capacity building programme for school teachers ‘Redefining the Urban Environment of Chennai’ on November 9 and 10, 2016 with the support of Kuruvila Jacob  Initiative for Promoting Excellence in School Education.  This year long programme would see training sessions being conducted as modules, school based projects and interactive sessions.


Mainstreaming Ecology and Environment into School Curriculum and Pedagogy

Duration: 2012-2013

Funding Agency: Kuruvilla Jacob Memorial Educational Trust

The project was started to mainstream ecology and environment into school curriculum and pedagogy for middle schools teachers in July 2012, which focused on facilitating the practice of ecology & environment within the existing school curriculum and pedagogy framework. The first batch conducted the programme for 36 middle school teachers. The programme consisted of two modules: (i) Theoretical and interactive sessions plus take home activities. It was conducted in span of various sessions organized by expert resource persons of respective fields, and (ii) Field studies and interactive sessions. This is followed by School visits based on teacher’s/school inputs and convenience to support the projects. A resource manual for teachers on Biodiversity Conservation titled ‘Green Guru’ had been released by Care Earth Trust which serves as a one-stop reference. The foremost objective of this manual is to create awareness about biodiversity, understand its importance and take steps to conserve it, in our everyday lives. This manual had been made with an effort to connect schools with the local natural environment, cultivating a sense of scientific curiosity, appreciation and valuing the biodiversity.

Schools as eco-stewards- An environmental education and capacity building programme for schools- Project supported as part of the Environment Protection and Renewable Energy Development Fund 2014-2015

Duration: 2014-16

Funding Agency: Department of Environment, Government of Tamil Nadu

The objectives of the project are, to include and implement environment education and capacity building programmes specifically for schools, taking into consideration the existing syllabus and pedagogy; to develop and implement programmes focusing on sustainable living; and to develop and implement programmes and help schools evolve as Eco-stewards viz. with leadership in environmental protection and conservation. The target area of the project is Chennai city and adjoining districts of Thiruvallur, Kanchipuram, Thiruvanamalai and Villupuram.

Implementation of training programmes on Integrated Coastal Zone Management Programme

Duration: 2014-15

Funding Agency: DHI (India) Water and Environment Pvt. Ltd.

For the project following activities were carried out under the training programme: (i) training of trainers for state government officials at Chennai headquarters, (ii) training of trainers for coastal District Collectorate, (iii) training of trainers for local communities, NGOs and Panchayats under following themes (a) ICZM planning including CRZ notifications, (b) shoreline protection and management, (c) coastal biodiversity conservation (d) alternative and sustainable livelihood, (e) sustainable ecotourism in coastal areas, (f) disaster preparedness and management (g) domestic pollution control, (h) gender sensitization and women empowerment, in eleven coastal districts in addition to Chennai and state level programmes.

 Training and Capacity Building for the Management of Wetlands and Bird Sanctuaries of Tamil Nadu

Duration: 2012-13

Funding Agency: Tamil Nadu Biodiversity Conservation and Greening Project

For the project ‘Training and Capacity Building for the Management of Wetlands and Bird Sanctuaries of Tamil Nadu’ various workshops were conducted in different districts of Tamil Nadu involving many subject experts with special focus on conservation of bird sanctuaries and wetlands in Tamil Nadu. Field visits to bird sanctuaries, field interactions covering various domains like ecology, hydrology, eco-tourism, group activities and individual tasks were also carried out as a part of the project by resource persons.

Building Capacities for Effective Management of Wetlands CSR Programme- Capacity Building for Wetland Management

Duration: 2015-2016 (Ongoing)

Funding Agency: VA Tech WABAG

The scope of the project is to evolve and implement an integrated programme for building capacities for the management of wetlands amongst a defined group of stakeholders. The programme is a systematic procedure for transferring scientific-technological know-how to the trainees so as to increase their knowledge and skills for protecting, restoring and conserving wetlands. The programme is based on scientific-technological principles in an inclusive approach.

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  1. I am a Health & Safety officer in Visteon Technical & Services Centre, chennai. I am planning to conduct envrionment awareness campaign at our office. In this regard, need your support to conduct awareness program in my office

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