About Water Matters

Water Matters is a collaborative project of the U.S. Consulate General Chennai, Care Earth Trust, the Smithsonian Institute, and the Science Gallery, Bengaluru.

The project ‘Water matters: An Interactive Sustainability Showcase’, aims to utilize different mediums to educate, advocate, and support South India in addressing water challenges. This project will promote and leverage America’s technological and scientific expertise, public institutions and officials, and private partners to explore solutions to water management challenges in South India with a focus on economic development, sustainability, and security. Effective water management in South India will advance bilateral trade, regional economic stability, health and safety, and people-to-people/institution-to-institution connectivity while tapping into the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of young people in South India – a demographic that will either inherit or successfully manage this problem. Project, ‘Water Matters’ is one of a kind in the country that will explore the centrality of water in people’s lives by examining water as both an environmental necessity and a key cultural element.

The project aims to create and display an interactive environmental showcase on “water management” to generate awareness about the importance of creating a sustainable environment in South India and promoting sustainable environmental practices. The Smithsonian Institute’s exhibition “H2O Today” will be customised and exhibited in the cities of Chennai and Bengaluru as part of the project.

H2O Today invites visitors to explore the beauty and essential nature of water, our planet’s lifeblood. Through immersive content, interactives, and digital media, the Original Exhibition explores the diversity and challenges of our global water sources and promotes conversation, creativity, and innovation across disciplines. A fully digital exhibition licensed and provided to host venues as print-ready graphic files, detailed design drawings, and interactives, H2O Today was developed by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service and a variety of Smithsonian partners.

The innovative blend of interactive displays and digital media from the Smithsonian with scientific research happening in the local region would inspire creative conversations about water sources, and how we can steward them well into the future.