Studies reveal that the Rettai Eri North, Korattur wetland and Ambattur wetlands have been compromised on their periphery and are impacted by the lack of a buffer system. Review, analysis and consolidation of existing literature was done in addition to meteorological and topographical assessments. In terms of metal pollution, Ambattur was found to be the most contaminated, followed by Rettai eri and Korattur. De-silting, dredging and sediment flushing, maintenance of feeder channels and installation of water level monitors were suggested to maintain the wetland area. Other recommendations include minimizing groundwater depletion, reducing ecological risks, restoring wetland attributes for supporting biodiversity, identification and restoration wetland areas under Invasive Alien Species of Plants and promotion of the wetland complex as a nature reserve and public space.



Funding Agency

Public Works Department, Government of Tamil Nadu