This project aimed at maintaining the protection, restoration, and conservation of the Pallikaranai Marshaland looked at the development of a comprehensive management plan, based on the notion of the Adaptive Management, a flexible, inclusive and knowledge-based approach. Considering both people and nature equally, the plan looked to reconcile both conservation and development goals. In view of the significance and long term anthropogenic degradation of the Pallikaranai Marsh, it was recommended that while the first five years are considered as the building blocks for the process, definition of certain goals, notably those pertaining to habitat improvement need to be addressed in blocks of five years. It was also important that quarterly reviews of progress be undertaken to ensure mid-course correction, and establish benchmarks for monitoring achievements.


2013 - 2014

Funding Agency

Conservation Authority of Pallikaranai Marshland and District Forest Officer, Chengalpattu Division, Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu Forest Department