The project looked to map the environmental profile of Srirangam town and identify environmental pollution hotspots. An environment management plan was prepared to carry out restoration programmes along with a set of recommendations to ensure environmentally compatible land use planning. This involved consultations with a range of stakeholders through structured meetings and discussions; analysis of geographical data through maps for habitat, infrastructure, transport, choke points, agglomeration, pollution, etc. and field verification of the same through rapid assessments.

Investigations and analyses revealed that environmental management of Srirangam city needs to be built on the buy-in of stakeholders such as the temple administration, state line departments, residents, pilgrims, service providers etc., And, it was recommended that the only way to achieve this is through massive awareness and capacity building programmes is which effectively illustrate the link between a clean environment and the sacred.


2014 - 2015

Funding Agency

Department of Environment, Government of Tamil Nadu