The Wetland Participatory Management Planning looked at developing a management and action plan based on primary and secondary studies to help strengthen the management of Bird Sanctuaries. The project aimed to enable key stakeholders such as the Public Works Department (PWD) and village communities to engage in the formulation of plans. The management plan included various recommendations encompassing different domains including identification of flagship species, water and wetland area management, biodiversity and habitat management, invasive species control and monitoring, management of wetland as public space through local community participation.

Bird Sanctuaries that were investigated as part of the project include Vedanthangal, Karikili, Vellode, Vettangudi, Kanjirankulam, Chitrangudi, Mela-Selvanoor, Keela-Selvanoor, Koonthankulam, Vaduvoor and Udayamarthandpuram in Tamil Nadu.


2013 - 2014

Funding Agency

Tamil Nadu Biodiversity Conservation and Greening Project, Tamil Nadu Forest Department